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The major goal of this project is to help women to develop their business skills that will enable them to compete effectively in today's marketplace. Broadly speaking its objectives are mentioned below:

  • To provide an enclave facility for Women Entrepreneurs
  • To provide a platform, focusing on economic empowerment of women in trade
  • Exploring new business opportunities
  • Exposure to new ideas of marketing and business expansion
  • Providing them business support services


The women of Pakistan in general and of Balochistan in particular have tremendous dexterity and deftness in handicraft and textile, apparel designing and service sector.. Their production and sales responsibilities are shared with other close family members of the household, since the handicraft micro-enterprise is their main income source. These units have several market linkages with the rest of the economy, mainly with the modern sector. They are fully integrated to formal markets, when buying raw materials, tools and equipments and eventually hiring temporary workers. Particularly Handicraft is one among the few non-traditional exports with large participation by women all across the business chain. These are in general, small scale business due to limitation of facilities, provision of women business incubation center would bridge the gape by providing business consultation service inclusive of business idea development, financial arrangement, marketing support, enterprise development through training and complete office facilities on nominal charges.


Women Business Incubation Center (WBIC) is an exclusive facility for women to provide ‘hands-on support’ to Women Entrepreneurs (WEs) in an exclusive female oriented environment and facilitates enterprising women who want to start their own business or move from home-based business to a fuller commercial venture.


WBIC will provide the following facilities

  • Office Space
  • Display Facility
  • Professional services (e.g. accountants, lawyers, product developers, etc.)
  • Seminars, Workshops and Training Programs
  • Training & Meeting Room

These facilities will be offered for a minimum fee, enable Women entrepreneurs to use them for the benefit of their businesses

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